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Gold Mountain Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo in Weaverville, CA 96093. Great art at affordable rates. A clean and healthy studio. Unique designs by Cameron Domet.

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Cameron Tattoo


Traditional American tattoo style features bold black outlines and a limited yet contrasting color palette.

Guitar Tattoo


Mon: 11AM-6PM
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Fri: 11AM-10PM
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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Before tending to your new tattoo, always wash your hands!

 Remove the bandage after 1-2 hours. There may be some ink on the bandage; this is normal. If the bandage gets stuck soak with cool water, then remove. DO NOT put a new bandage on the tattoo after taking off the old one. Gently wash the tattoo area with mild soap and water. Don't use cloth or anything abrasive. Pat dry with a clean paper towel.


 Cloth can harbor bacteria: Apply a thin layer of ointment. Scabs are our natural defense against bacteria. Tattoos will flake and peel during healing...DO NOT PICK IT! No swimming, soaking, or sun tanning until healed. Always apply sun block to prevent fading.

Keep Your Tattoos Clean!

Contact your tattoo artist if you have any questions. It is extremely important to take care of your tattoo! Without proper care, you risk the chance of infection.

18 or Older Tattoo

18 or older only!